It was in the year 2001, when “The Idea” of importing Italian porcelain and agglomerate tiles started. Its birth came as an incidental surprise and its conceptualization and entry into the market zoomed in at a very fast pace easily jolting the existing tile players who were market leaders in the country.

Gruppo Armani Tiles, initially started at a small office in ACCLI with just a handful number of staff, dealing exclusively with reputable European and Asian tile manufacturers. As the company expanded, demand for high-end materials grew as well. The CEO, envisions Gruppo Armani Tiles as an acknowledged leader in the tile industry, supplying and distributing the finest quality and affordable tiles while having top-notch after-sales service. Shortly afterward, faced with growing and immediate requests, Gruppo Armani Tiles began stocking up its supplies to accommodate the demands.

Today, Gruppo Armani Tiles had already grown into a well-established business with over 20 first-class tile suppliers from Europe and Asia. Carrying around 33,000 sqm of various premium homogeneous, porcelain, ceramic and agglomerate made tiles, warehoused in more than 1,500 sqm property at Valenzuela City. These are displayed at two (2) commercial showrooms located in San Juan and Mandaluyong City. Gruppo Armani Tiles is very proud to staff more than thirty (30) highly competent professionals ready to serve their clients.

Competitive Edge


Around 33,000 sqm of homogeneous, porcelain, agglomerate and ceramic made floor and wall tiles ready for shipping

Finest Tiles

Gruppo Armani Tiles offers trendsetting designs from Europe and Asia

Superior After-sales

Gruppo Armani Tiles reliably delivers on-time, up to date online inventory system and various post-sales services as a standard.

Competent Staff

Muti-tasking, staff members are technically trained either as design or finishing materials consultants.

Reasonably Priced

Gruppo Armani Tiles offers affordable high-quality products with customized discounts for different budgets


Gruppo Armani Tiles is an acknowledged Market Leader in the supply of excellent, high-end quality tiles at the best and most affordable price and supported by a highly superior after-sales service that caters to the finishing requirements of the market.


To offer high-end quality finishing materials at the best and affordable price that will cater to the needs of every Filipino through professional selling and excellent after-sales service in order to ensure achievement of our vision and gain complete satisfaction to our ever-growing customers.

Core Values

  • Creativity
  • Service
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Availability
  • Quality
  • Win-Win
  • Market Leadership